Logistics Director "Forward-Trans" LLC
Artem Ivanov

Is «Air delivery on wheels» a new service in the Russian logistics market?

Road Feeder Service is an european experience of mixed air delivery in Russia. Director of Logistics «Forward-Trans» LLC Artem Ivanov shares experience of transportation new service.

We will tell you what kind of fruit it is and what it is eaten with, the advantages and nuances that are important to take into account in these transports.


CEO "Forward-Trans" LLC
Alexander Slisenko

After the departure of key shipowners, nine months of empty terminals and insane financial losses, the port Saint Petersburg completes 2022 with the hope of rehabilitation.

How will it be?

How long will it take to recover the cargo flow?

What should be provided to cargo owners when returning to the usual route?

General Director of Forward-Trans LLC shared the latest news previously one of the most popular services on delivery of goods to Russia.