Forwarding in Southeast Asian countries

Shenzhen YWS International Logistics Co.,Ltd. is a logistics company providing complex services in the field of warehouse and transport logistics.

The company’s office is located in Hong Kong, which allows us to quickly and efficiently handle our customers' requests for аll of Southeast Asia.

We provide international warehouse logistics services. To service the export-import flows of our customers. We have created a network of Asian and European partners with the necessary transport and logistics infrastructure.


Ocean and multimodal container transport
Full range of warehousing services: packing and repacking of goods; marking of goods; sorting and palletizing of goods; measuring and photographing of packages; keeping records of warehousing of goods; storage of goods in a high category warehouse
Prefabricated LCL cargo by sea and rail transport; comprehensive solutions for small shipments including air transport
Survey services and product quality control
Organization of road freight transport in international and domestic directions
Complex service for transportation of oversized and heavy structures and equipment: development of transport and logistics schemes of delivery, development and manufacture of cargo securing schemes, multimodal transportation
Shenzhen YWS International Logistics Co.,Ltd.
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